Caramagno & Associates

Is now part of Tavola Group

Streamline Your Accounting Needs

Caramagno + Associates provides the comprehensive accounting solutions that your company needs to help you focus on your organization’s mission and growth.

Accounting Services

We streamline your accounting function so you can focus on what matters most to you and your business.

Tax Services

We offer year-round tax services, helping our clients identify potential issues so they aren’t scrambling at tax time.

Advisory Services

Create more cash flow or identify tax issues before attracting unwanted attention.

Unique Clients, Unique Needs

Like many of our clients, we are small business owners who value personalized service. We ask the right questions so we can provide answers for today, while anticipating tomorrow’s needs.

Bookkeeping Platform Expertise

Whether you are seeking training for Xero or Quickbooks , or you need a partner to take over your accounting function, we have expertise with all the major bookkeeping platforms so you don’t have to.

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