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business start-up taxes

The Right Advice for
Getting Your Business Off the Ground

Whether you’re launching a fully-staffed company or hanging out a shingle as an independent professional, we’ve got you covered.

Business Savvy in a Variety of Industries

Funding for new businesses often comes from a variety of sources, which can make accounting a challenge. Draw on our firm’s collective understanding of different funding vehicles to be confident you’re planning well for your company’s future.

Entity Selection

S-corp or C-corp? LLP or LLC? The decisions you make about how you structure your business can have a substantial impact on your taxes. We’ve helped many companies select the appropriate business entity, and can explain the pros and cons of each.

Lowering Your Tax Liability

Healthcare, retirement, and self-employment tax all have a big impact on individuals working for themselves. We’ll help you structure a plan for all three that can reduce your tax payments in the near term and provide you with security down the road.

Related Tax Services

We handle everything related to taxes, from filing to planning, for startups and established firms.

Tax Compliance

Tax time shouldn’t be a scramble. Let us get it right.

Tax Planning


Let us show you how to use the tax code to your best advantage.

Audit Support

We can assist during one of the most stressful accounting experiences your business will face.

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